Norman Tebbit: the real Tory swivel eyed loon

Norman Tebbit giving a talk for the Edinburgh ...

Norman Tebbit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week Norman Tebbit weighed in on the gay marriage bill with two ridiculous hypotheticals – firstly that gay marriage would allow people to marry their children in order to circumvent inheritance tax and secondly that gay marriage would force a constitutional crisis when a lesbian queen married a woman and had a child by artificial insemination. A salutary reminder that the Conservative party needn’t look as far as their local associations for their swivel eyed loons – there are plenty inside westminster. Continue reading

Welcome to Hel

I’ve decided to try my hand at creating a blog. Before this I’ve done micro-blogging on twitter and online journalling on but this is going to be something different. From the age of 12 or 13 I was largely raised on the internet which has taught me a lot of disturbing, pointless things and now I intend to try to make it useful. My plan is to write about stuff I come across in the course of my regular traversing of the internet. I find, read and digest so much stuff it might as well be put to good use. At this stage I imagine frequent topics will be geek culture and politics (particularly feminist politics) though this plan may evolve going forward as I see trends in what catches my/your attention. My initial aim is to write about at least one thing a week to keep the blog engaging. I hope you find something that interests you and feel free to drop me a message for any reason – questions and feedback is all appreciated.